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Private tours from Tangier to Sahara desert.


Tours Morocco Trips is professional and experienced travel company. We offer full range of private Morocco trips. You may explore Sahara desert , know our culture and reserve our adventure tours and day trips. Visit Sahara desert , have an unique experience , in safe country. We have many years of experiences in travel field. It will be our pleasure to show you beautiful destinations of Morocco in guided tour with experienced drivers and guides.  

We organise 4 Days Tangier tour to explore Merzouga and Marrakech in private Morocco trip with comfortable transfers. Enjoy camel ride in Sahara with local guides...

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4 Days Tangier tour to Merzouga and Marrakech

private 4 Days Tangier tour to Merzouga and Marrakech,Tangier desert tour

We organise private 5 Days Tangier tour to explore Chefchaouen, we visit medina in Fes, we spend a night in Merzouga desert and you explore Marrakech...

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5 Days Tangier tour to Fes, Sahara desert and Marrakech

private 5 Days Tangier tour to desert and Marrakech,Tour from Tangier to Merzouga

We organise guided 7 days private Morocco tour from Tangier. Enjoy adventure travel to explore Merzouga desert in 4x4 trip , we visit also Fes and Marrakech city...

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7 Days Tangier tour Across Morocco with Camel Excursion

5,6,7,8 days private tour from Tangier,7 Day north Morocco 4x4 trip to Fez and Casablanca

We organise private 9 days guided tour from Tangier to explore best of Morocco and Sahara desert. Enjoy 4x4 trip to Merzouga and Marrakech via Rif and Atlas mountains.

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9 Days Tangier tour to Explore Best of Morocco and Merzouga

9,10,11 days guided tour from Tangier,Sahara 9 Day 4x4 trip to Merzouga desert and Marrakech

We organise Morocco adventure travel with professional guides. Contact us for private 12 days Morocco tour from Tangier. We enjoy guided tour towards Fes and desert of Merzouga...

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12 Days Tangier tour to Merzouga and Marrakech

private 12,13,14 days Morocco tour from Tangier,guided 12 Days tour towards Fez and desert of Merzouga